Thailand & Cambodia

"Welcome to a country that offers more than most in the Land of Smiles"

Thailand and the countries that border it make up one of the most bewitching regions on the planet. Cities are counterbalanced by breathtaking landscapes and some of the most desirable hotels and resorts in the world.

Think of Thailand and you probably think of its heady capital; fabulous architecture; the forested north that still nurtures diverse hill-tribe villages and its coastline and islands that charm their way into a visitor’s psyche.

This country is a curious mix of the ultramodern and the simply delightful and what makes Thailand such an appealing destination emanates partly from the sunny, gentle and accommodating character of the Thai people as much as from warm breezes, sensational cuisine and sensual playgrounds. It’s an easy place to visit with its soft charm so consistently switched on.

Thailand’s nearest neighbor is the equally courteous Cambodia and Angkor Wat is one of its most popular tourist charms. Apart from its intricate history and its richly textured culture, there is Phnom Penh with its dignified French-flavour. However, if you travel just a few hours south of the capital, there is some surprising and indolent luxury on show on some lovely coastal beaches and islands.

Whether you visit Thailand or choose one of enticing neighbours you’ll be treated to mystical cultures, stunning beauty, history and a universe of exotic and romantic rewards.

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Ideal Time To Visit
Koh Samui

High Season  is March to November.

High Season is November to March.

The island of Koh Samui was originally adored only by adventurous backpackers until a few decades ago. In the intervening years the contained development includes some of the most stunning and romance-inducing resorts in the world.

This post-card perfect mélange of clear waters, jungle-covered hills and ultra-white sandy beaches remains so picturesque that it now attracts the international Jet Set.

The southern province of Phuket is still roaringly popular with travellers because of its white-sand beaches, emerald bays and small islands. The green-mantled sugar-loaf rocks that rise from the sea in Phang Nga Bay are the stuff of legends and the region is renowned for the quality of its scuba diving, coral reefs and caves.

Now there are havens of purposeful luxury and joyous quietude that have brought it some deservedly renewed attention.

Cambodia is blessed with natural beauty, hospitable inhabitants, a long cultural history and some of the most awe-inspiring temple architecture in the world. Most famous of its sights are the Khmer temples of Angkor Wat near Siem Reap. This is a town of gentle artisans, fascinating shops and delectable restaurants.

Contemporary Cambodia can be found in the revitalized, French-influenced capital of Phnom Penh. Its most important sights can easily be seen in a day.

Then, four hours south of Phnom Penh is Sihanoukville, the gateway to a coastline of sleepy beaches and to the surprising luxury of the Song Saa private island resort.