W Koh Samui

"Cocktails and casual sets."

It’s hard to sum up W Koh Samui. Wired to the max; sassy, out-there décor; mood lighting to flirt about in; sexy music and service that intimates anything, anytime and anywhere, with a smile – and that’s not to mention the sequined cushions that make lazing onto a banquette such a treat. First up guests make their entrance into a funky check-in space, all to the beat of the tropics. Then their gaze immediately connects with the backdrop of the sea and the powdery beach below.

What has been dreamt up here is an architectural movie masterpiece where guests can play, plunge, and party, then take recuperation ever so seriously. This is a resort on one of the most heavenly stretches of the Koh Samui coastline, where, in a whimsical playground, “retreat” means anything you need it to mean.

Location:Approximately 8 kilometres from Samui International Airport.
Perfect for:Funky and relaxed vibes.
Why we love it:Ultra chic design, perfect for both relaxation and partying.
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Food & Drink

If guests are not spending their day behind closed doors in a beachfront villa, plunge pool and daybeds included, they can take to the submerged lotus-pond seating in the infinity pool for the first cocktails of the day. Wherever they choose to idle, they won’t even think of lifting a sun-lotioned finger. The staff is telepathic and anticipates every need. If guests feel the urge to be upright, then there are convenience stations dotted amongst the villas so they can help themselves to complimentary drinks and ice creams.

Naturally, the food matches the outrageous perfection of at W Koh Samui and its two signature restaurants deliver the essential culinary glamour. There is no doubt, however, that the pièce de résistance of this wondrous hideaway is the spa. Guests can cool their heels, and every other part, after a day of sun worship. The exotic scents, sounds, and treatments will have guests back in fine form for the best part of the day. When the sun’s light dims, the mood and houselights go up and lounge bar slowly streams the coolest DJ selections. Celebration is the theme of every evening.

Jungle Oasis

In a spectacular array of red, from sofa pillows and silk designer lamps to sideboards and wall-integrated shelves, we’ve custom-designed the furnishings and amenities. When you’re out and about, a huge wooden deck sets the scene for an expansive private pool measuring 11X 2.5 meters. At our Jungle Oasis luxury villa in KohSamui, an oversized day-bed, two sun lounge chairs and a wooden dining table for two completes the escapade.

Tropical Oasis

With a spacious private pool measuring 11 x 2.5 meters, there’s more than enough room for double dipping. Make yourself at home on the huge wooden deck, complete with oversized day-bed, two sun lounge chairs, a wooden dining table for two and as much peace and serenity as you can fit into this lusciously large garden. A revelry of red Zen infuses everything from sofa pillows and silk designer lamps to sideboards and wall-integrated shelves with an aura of clean sophistication, flanked by stunning floor-to-ceiling windows.

Ocean View Escape

Your wake-up call: spectacular views over the Gulf of Thailand. Your afternoon siesta: floating gently in your private pool measuring 11 X 2.5 meters. Your evening cocktail: the most breathtaking spot on the island to enjoy the sky’s transition from soothing blue to fiery red.

Welcome to life in the Ocean View Escape, located at the highest point of the hotel, where no one else sees what you see, from this villa with the best views in the entire resort, stunning floor-to-ceiling windows notwithstanding.

Ocean Front Haven

It’d take you a hop, a skip and a step to go from ocean to luxuriously spacious private pool, all of 11 X 2.5 meters in the garden. A huge wooden deck, thoughtfully adorned with an oversized day-bed, two sun lounge chairs and a wooden dining table for two complete this perfect picture of contemporary resort living. Want to see the most stunning sunset on the island? Just step out of your private garden, and behold the views.

WOW Jungle Oasis

Let there be a sprawling private pool, all whopping 50 square meters of clear, pristine waters for cooling down. An oversized day bed and two sun lounges for all-day and night basking and a barbeque pit so dinner can grill as you chill.

And this is only the beginning. Doors open up to your living space where you can take it inside with a dining table for six, served by a pantry fully equipped with cooking facilities and a refrigerator. Beyond the lavish 46″ Samsung LCD TV, complete with a state-of-the-art BOSE entertainment system, the cozy living room awaits, calm and soothing in shades of green.

The bedroom overlooks the pool and deck, where you can gaze over paradise. The extra-roomy bathroom features a
separate shower and toilet, so the round tub for two is the centerpiece, or step out under the outdoor shower and freshen up in the middle of nowhere, nature.

WOW Ocean Haven

Outside, the ocean beckons at your doorstep via direct access, stunning vistas of blue sea and golden sands, provide the
backdrop for your luxuriously large private wooden deck. A private pool that stretches 50 square meters for cool dips and an oversized day bed and two sun lounges are everything you need and more for warm sunshine.

This uber-chic beachfront welcomes you home to a living space cozily adorned with shades of green and furniture custom-made just for the resort, each a contemporary collage of modern and traditional design. A dining table for six is served by a pantry fully equipped with cooking facilities and a refrigerator. The lavish 46″ Samsung LCD TV is the centerpiece of the space, together with a CD/DVD player and BOSE sound system, set amid wall-integrated shelves.

Extreme WOW Ocean Haven Two-bedroom Villa

Outside is a pool that goes on for 137 square meters. Inside our luxury accommodation, greens of pleasant accents adorn the expansive first floor, living area with its state-of-the-art entertainment system, as wall integrated shelves present curated gorgeous art pieces.

Take it to the next level, where the master bedroom is its own private haven above the pavilion. A bathroom with separate toilet, shower and Jacuzzi tub means you can bubble while watching the waves roll in. The second bedroom also features the signature W bed with all of its comforts, and a spacious balcony for some air time.

Seascape Escape Four-bedroom Villa

The possibilities are endless in the private paradise of our one-of-a-kind Seascape Escape, a two-story, four-bedroom villa. Behold stunning Koh Samui beach views from an expansive balcony comprising an infinity pool, loungers and a sun bed.

On Island

    • Away Spa
    • Library
    • Beach games
    • Tennis
    • Sports Equipment


  • Trampolines
  • Snorkelling

Restaurants include:  The Kitchen Table, Namu, W Lounge, The Barrel Room, SIP, WOOBAR, Beach Grill.

  • Finesse centre
  • Library
  • Infinity pool
  • Away Spa
  • In room dining
  • Free water games
  • Sports equipment
  • Laundry service
  • W Hotels – The Store
  • Babysitting service