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Choose an Elegant Villa Stay for Your Next Trip to Italy

Choose an Elegant Villa Stay for Your Next Trip to Italy

By Elegant Resorts and Villas - 11/09/2018

Italy is a country like no other. It boasts more UNESCO World Heritage listed sites and attractions than any other country in the world. Its rich history goes back thousands of years to the infamous Roman Empire. Its sights and cities are well known around the globe and its food is perhaps some of the most delicious in the world.
If you are travelling to Italy, you will find that each region owns its own history and culture. Venice is where tiramisu was invented while Naples is the home to pizza. The cities in Northern Italy, Central Italy, and Southern Italy are each their own unique experience that should not be missed.

Italy | Lake Como

To truly experience all the splendour and culture that Italy has to offer, consider a stay in an Italian villa. It offers an authentic atmosphere to enjoy the city as well as independence, space, and flexibility – perfect for families or groups of friends. Choosing an elegant villa retreat can be the perfect spot to celebrate special occasions.
Elegant Resorts and Villas offers a range of villa accommodation options through Northern, Central, and Southern Italy, including:

Northern Italy Central Italy Southern Italy
Liguria Florence and Tuscany Amalfi Coast
Piedmont and Lake Maggiore Umbria Apulia and Basilicata
Veneto and Lake Garda Marches and Adriatic Coast Sicily
Lombardy and Lake Como Lazio and Rome Sardinia

Whether you are interested in exploring the rolling hills of Tuscany or if the Amalfi Coast is calling your name, Elegant Resorts and Villas has luxury Italian villa accommodation for your needs.
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