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4 Resorts That Offer Adventure at Every Turn

4 Resorts That Offer Adventure at Every Turn

By Elegant Resorts and Villas - 24/09/2018

While sometimes a quiet resort is just what someone needs to unwind and relax from the stress of everyday life, sometimes we also need that hit of adrenaline that gets our blood pumping and makes us feel alive.

If you prefer your luxury tropical resorts with a dash of adventure and thrill, these four resorts offer it in spades. You can choose from spa activities, curated adventures, water sports, cultural ceremonies, and excursions.


1) Ratua Island Resort and Spa

Ratua Island Resort and Spa occupies an enviable location in Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. A veritable mix of lush tropical gardens, pristine lagoons, vibrant coral reefs, and secluded beaches, this resort is the ideal place to relax, unwind, and soak in the unique cultural of the Pacific.

Unique to Ratua, guests can experience swimming bareback with horses in the resort’s lagoon. Knowledgeable guides will take guests on a horseback ride across the island – a unique opportunity to learn the local history.

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2) LUX* South Ari Atoll

Just a short seaplane trip from Malé, guests will find the crystalline waters of a lagoon and a luxury resort. As one could expect from the Maldives, this is a dreamy paradise where guests can walk, cycle, or drive a golf cart to explore the island.

A featured activity is the whale shark experience. Step aboard a traditional dhoni along with a marine biologist and knowledgeable host to experience these gentle giants of the ocean up close. Enjoy refreshments on board afterwards.

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Pimalai Resort and Spa

3) Pimalai Resort and Spa

Perhaps Koh Lanta’s best kept secret, the Pimalai Resort and Spa is nestled within a lush rainforest resplendent with the calls of tropical birds. This luxury resort in Thailand is the perfect choice for those interested in active mornings and relaxing afternoons. Snorkel, dive, or even take a Muay Thai boxing class before spending some much deserved time in the spa. Guests can luxuriate in one of the open-air salas, connected by waterfalls, ponds, and tropical gardens.

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Shinta Mani Wild - Bensley Collection

4) Shinta Mani Wild – Bensley Collection

While this resort isn’t opening until November 2018, it is sure to rocket right to the top as one of Cambodia’s best resorts. Shinta Mani Wild – Bensley Collection is a unique concept for a luxury camp experience deep in the wild jungles of Southern Cardamom National Park.

The resort promises that there will be so many activities, there won’t be enough time to do all of them. Guests can enjoy exploring the waterways of the park aboard a luxury expedition boat, accompany rangers to check camera trips, study the forest, and more.

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